Our campus and facilities

Our campus has been thoughtfully constructed to provide a safe environment which offers students opportunities to engage, discover, explore and learn joyfully. Our campus is designed to nurture young inquisitive minds and to allow for innovative thought, experiential learning and opportunities to explore and express intrinsic talent.

The school’s modern day facilities include fully functional Science, ICT and Math labs, a well-equipped library, spacious and vibrant classrooms, open spaces for collaborative learning, access to technology and a WiFi enabled campus that helps prepare our learners for an increasingly globalised, technology-driven world.

The learning environment at GEMS Public School includes the following:

  • Spacious and vibrant classrooms
  • Technology Enabled environments
  • Fully Equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math Labs.
  • ICT Lab designed for leveraging technology to the optimum
  • A well-stocked Library & Teacher Resource Centre.
  • Learning Lab for Special Needs students.
  • Student Counsellor
  • Subject Rooms – Specialized Learning Environments for each subject (from grade 5 onwards)
  • Spaces for small group work, discussions, brainstorming etc.
  • Open air performance stage.
  • Fine Art, Music Dance and Theatre spaces.
  • Sports Field and Pitches.
  • Sand Pit Play Area.
  • Multi-Sports facilities with specialized coaches for Taekwondo, Football, Cricket, Skating, Table Tennis, Basketball & Athletics.
  • Infirmary with a qualified nurse and a doctor on call.
  • Dedicated Campus Security
  • Constant Surveillance of Campus via CTV Cameras
  • GPS tracking systems in buses
  • WiFi enabled campus

An adventure course and a pottery studio are planned for 2020-21

Inside Our School