Safety and Security

GEMS facilities are inspected regularly to ensure that they conform to local Health and Safety requirements. Any potential risk is reported, logged and acted upon. There are clearly outlined procedures to deal with any emergency. Regular practice drills are held to ensure everyone is aware of what they should do in the event of an emergency.

Appropriately trained and qualified personnel, as determined by local requirements, are present at the school to deal with medical and health related issues. At least one member of staff in each section is designated as the Health and Safety representative. In addition, all staff receives basic training in Health and Safety procedures & expectations relevant to their specific role.

School safety planning at GEMS includes the neighbourhood safety conditions. Parents are an integral part of the school’s safety planning and policy making. They are aware of behavioural expectations and informed of changes in policy (if any).

GEMS schools are safe and secure places where children learn free from threat and danger.

All staff and volunteers who work alongside children are thoroughly checked to ensure they present no threat to young people.

Key Aspects of Safety & Security On Campus

As soon as children enter the school grounds their safety and security is one of our key priorities.

  • All necessary arrangements are done for the safety and security of children in school premises.
  • Entire school premises are equipped with fire extinguishers at strategic locations.
  • Emergency evacuation drills are conducted with all staff and students once every quarter.
  • Visitor cards are issued and all entry -exit is recorded.
  • School is equipped with CCTV at strategic locations.
  • Our dedicated bus service transports students safely to and from school via convenient routes.
  • Our buses offer point-to-point pick up and drop services for all students. The vehicles are equipped with GPS for real time tracking of movement, CCTV cameras, speed governors, panic switches and real time SMS alerts, for complete safety of the child. Emergency contact details are present on each bus. There is always a lady attendant or a teacher on every bus. All government directives and compliances are adhered to.
  • Routes take into account convenience and demand; we try to make sure that no route is overly long. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding ways in which we can improve the service or routes.
  • To access the service, please complete and return a transportation request form provided by school.
  • For further details regarding transport and daily routes please contact the school on the following numbers
  • School Land Line: 9666436666 (Operational from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)