Parent Engagement Research

GEMS Parent Engagement and Partnership Programme (PEPP) is a tailored framework which supports schools to raise the ambition, access and achievement of students through parent engagement and home – school partnerships. At GEMS, parent engagement is an ongoing process that increases active participation, communication, and collaboration between parents, schools and communities with the goal of educating the whole child. GEMS parent engagement helps to ensure student achievement and success. Parents are the first educators for their child. At GEMS, parents matter as vital partners who contribute meaningfully to the work of our educators, schools, and communities. 

At GEMS Parent Engagement is about:

  • Leading Parent Engagement for Ambition – aiming high
  • Leading Parent Engagement for Access– removing the barriers
  • Leading Parent Engagement for Achievement – yes, we can

GEMS Education family learning strategy is called ‘3-a-day’. It is an accelerated learning strategy based on extensive research and it reinforces good learning habits at home.

Parents are encouraged to:

1) talk about learning

2) share learning and

3) encourage learning every day

Research over the last forty years provides educators and parents with a substantial body of evidence that parent involvement and engagement is associated with children’s academic performance and social competence.

GEMS PEPP distinguishes between the terms ‘engagement’ and ‘involvement.’ The term parent engagement indicates a shared and continuous responsibility for student achievement and learning that occurs across multiple settings.